Friday, May 15, 2015

Curly Girl Method [6]: Hidden Treasures Under $5

Whether you're newly natural or you've been natural for years... I'm sure just about every woman can relate to the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars that can be spent trying to find the "perfect" hair product for your curly hair.

I'm a recovering PJ (product junkie) myself and I can truly say that the best thing I have learned over time that it's not necessarily what I put in my hair, but the technique and order in which I apply it that makes all the difference. Sure, some products will definitely make your hair feel a little better than others, but as far as looks and the overall health of my hair, I've learned that as long as all my products have one base ingredient... I can put just about anything in my hair.

That base ingredient is water

Once I figured that out, I also eventually learned that my particular head of hair (medium porosity - high density) did not perform at it's best when I used sulfates and silicones. The sulfates dried my hair out and often lead to breakage. Then, because I couldn't use sulfates, using silicones became out of the question because the build up from co-washing only caused my hair to be a tangled, frizzy, nightmare to deal with on wash days.

This discovery lead me to make the decision that the Curly Girl Method was the best option for my hair.

A lot women choose (or don't choose) the CG method for their own personal reasons. If you don't feel the CG method is for you because of your hair that's perfectly fine. But I have heard a few women say that being on the CG Method is too expensive. So in this post I'm going to give you all my favorite CG friendly products under $5.

  • TreSemme Naturals Conditioner ($4.99 in Target, Kroger, and Walmart)
  • Sauve Naturals Conditioner(s) - ($1.50 in Walmart)
  • VO5 Conditioners (with the exception of the Salon Series bottles, these are NOT CG friendly) - ($.79 in Walmart, Kroger, Target)
  • EcoStyler Gel(s) 16oz. (~$2.29 in Walmart, Kroger) (You can buy larger containers for more)
  • Let's Jam Custard ($4 in Walmart, Kroger, Target)
  • Let's Jam Gel ($4 in Walmart, Kroger, Target)
  • Vital Care Extreme Spiking Gel (~$3 in Walmart)
  • LA Looks Gel(s) - ($2 in Walmart) 

A lot of these brands have multiple options available for you to choose from (ie. Sauve Naturals and VO5 have 4+ options each in CG friendly conditioners). 

With natural hair care becoming more and more popular in mainstream communities there are a lot of products on the market right now that can get pretty pricey because they know that's what you're looking for right now. And there are plenty of good products that are over $5 that I still purchase every now and then... but I wanted to give you guys some good options for when you don't want to break the bank or have to make out a whole separate budget just to care for your hair. 

I hope this helps!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Curly Girl Method [5]: CG Approved Styling Gels and Creams

I get asked often about the different stylers I put in my hair in regards to if the product is Curly Girl Method Approved. I want to first say, since I'm on the CG Method, if I'm putting it in my hair, it's approved lol. I'm not going to present anything to you guys that I wouldn't actually put in my own hair. My blog and YouTube has always been healthy hair care based on my personal experiences and it always will be. If I ever decide the CG Method is no longer for me, I will share that with you guys, for unless otherwise stated, you guys can feel confident that the products I am using are CG friendly because that's the route I have chosen for my hair.

Now that that's out the way, I know a lot of time you guys want to try products for yourselves and don't want to have to wait on me or another YouTuber to review it first. You may have a different hair texture and want to test it out yourself, or you may just be feeding the PJ inside you lol

I want to give you guys a good working list of some good CG Friendly gels, creams, and stylers for you try so that you will have a general idea of when out product shopping.

  • EcoStyler Gel (all types)
  • Aussie Instant Freeze Gel
  • DevaCare (all types)
  • Fantasia IC 
  • Giovanni LA Gel
  • Herbal Essence Gel(s)
  • Kinky Curly (all products)
  • LA Looks Gel(s)
  • L'Oreal EverStyle Curl Defining Gel
  • Aussie Volumizing Styling Mousse 
  • Beyond the Zone Mousse (Contains water-soluble cones)
  • Carols Daughter Setting Foam
  • Shea Moisture (all types)
  • As I Am Smoothing Gel
  • Pantene Curly Hair Series Styling Gel 
  • JessiCurl (all types)
  • Camille Rose Naturals (all types) 

This, of course, is not an all inclusive list of CG approved stylers and product listing, but these are the products that I know well and have tried... and also are easily found in most stores. 

I hope this helps! 


Hair Dye Alternatives: Temporary Hair Colors

In October of 2013, after just going back black from bleaching the entire front portion of my head blonde (something I had wanted to do since I was in High School) I vowed to give my hair a break and not do any permanent dyes on my hair for 1 year. Here it is over a year later and since I can say I successfully kept my promise, I want to share with you guys 3 alternatives to permanently dying your hair that still allows you to express yourself.

  1. Hair Rinses. We all know about this. These are what we used to get in high school before our mothers let us actually dye our hair lol. Just about every hair product line on the market has their own version of "semi-permanent" colors. From Shea Moisture to Dark n Lovely, you've seen them all. What semi-permanents, or "rinses" as we usually call them do is deposit hair color into the hair shaft without using ammonium, bleach, or any other chemical to first lift the hair color. It simply deposits into what your hair shaft already has. Depending on how often you wet or wash your hair, rinses can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, fading over time. Since this product is a "deposit only", if your hair is darker, the rinse does not have much room to deposit additional color into your hair, therefore it usually won't show up vibrant unless in the light or on already pre-lightened hair. While this process is temporary, it is the longest lasting of the 3 alternatives I'm going to talk about. (My top choices when choosing a hair rinse is either ION or Clairol. I do not get the pre-mixed bottles, I buy the color containers from Sally's and mix them with the level 10 solution.)
  2. Splat Washables Temporary Hair Colors. These are a less common hair color alternative, but this option is perfect for someone who likes to experiment with their hair but does not want to commit to one color. Similar to hair chalk, you apply this product to dry hair only in the areas you want the pigment to show. This product has varying opinions and reviews on it's performance depending on original hair color and desired effect. Unlike a hair rinse, Splat can be removed in one hair wash. I have used this product my self and still cannot quite get the hang of achieving the look I want without a complete frizz ball on my head, but the color pay off is usually the look I am going for. 
  3. Temporary Hair Sprays. This my go-to method for a quick, funky look that only takes minutes to achieve. All you have to do is spray the desired color 3-5 inches away from your hair in the places you want the color effect. While in my experience, temporary hair sprays (ie. Jerome Russell's B-Wild brand) will dry your hair out while you're using them, your hair bounces immediately back to it's original soft state after a co-wash. 

While all 3 alternatives have had cases of color transfer onto clothing, options 2 and 3 are notorious for staining clothing and skin. While most brands claim this product will wash completely off of any skin and out of any clothing., it is always my recommendation that you wear a cape/shield or clothing you do not care about staining when using these products. 

Here is a recent picture of my temporary hair color using Jerome Russell's B-Wild Hair Spray in "Jaguar Green"...

You can also see a demonstration and a full review of this color as well as "Linx Pink" and "Bengal Blue" over on my YouTube channel... Just click the link here to go directly to that video. 

When it comes to temporary hair color, to this day I have not seen anyone do it better than "NaturallyTash" on Instagram. She has become a pro and is always testing out new products and sharing them with her followers. 

Check her out over on her instagram as well as her website

Have you guys experimented with temp colors? If so, what colors?