Sunday, April 26, 2015

5 Tips For Your MOST Defined Wash and Go EVER

So you want to wear a wash and go but every time you attempt one you end up with an afro?

I know what you're saying. There's nothing against the afro, but if that's not the look you were going for it can be pretty frustrating, and also end up making the matters worse in some cases...Hence why I will never wear my hair in an afro (find out why here).

So I'm going to give you my top 5 tips for achieving a super defined wash and go... and it doesn't matter WHAT products you use!

  1. Apply your products to soaking wet hair. There will be some debate about this tip, I'm sure, because a lot of naturals prefer to have their hair "damp", versus soaking wet for a number of reasons. Most of them I've heard being it cuts out on their air-dry time. And while this is true... your hair is at it's MOST defined when it is soaking wet because it has the moisture in it. The least frizzy your hair is going to be while you're in the shower. So for me, I like to go ahead and apply my leave-in conditioner directly in the shower to lock in that moisture. It's also 10x easier to detangle and manipulate in this state. 
  2. Use products with a firm hold. Again, this is subject to who you're talking to, but since my head is the only one I can speak on... this is actually my best tip. Products with a firm hold (ie. Level 10 EcoStyler gels) really tame the hair and allow you to manipulate it and get it as defined as you would like it. Also, the firmer the hold (for me) the less the frizz I have to tackle. And again, less frizz = more definition. 
  3. Style Hair in small/medium sections. If you're looking for really, super defined girls. Simply applying the product all over your head at one time is not going to give you the look you're going for (unless you have really fine, loose hair). Styling your hair in small sections allows you to make sure EVERY strand is coated and defined. It may take a little extra time but the more defined your hair is when you first do it, may benefit you on down the week when you don't have to continue fooling with it. (Note: If you're going for a fluffier look, styling in the larger sections is what will work best for you)
  4. Get hair REALLY smooth before moving on to the next section. The key to good definition when using any curl defining cream is smoothing. Smoothing the hair and product in gets rid of the frizz and allow the product to do what it's supposed to do. I literally will smooth a section of hair 10x if I have to, making sure I have all frizzies, lumps, and bumps out of that piece of hair before I move on to the next section to make sure that piece won't end up undefined when it's dry. 
  5. Don't manipulate the hair until it's 100% dry (air dry or sit under a hooded dryer). This is probably the most important. Touching or manipulating your curls even while they still a LITTLE wet can do some serious damage to your definition. Let's face it, our curly hair LIVES to be frizzy. It loves it lol They key is to zap all the moisture in BEFORE you fluff and get it laying how you want. I know it's hard, but just leave your hair alone until it's completely dry. Even using a diffuser can cause frizz. My favorite way to achieve quick, defined curls is to sit under my hooded dryer. This way, my hair dries faster than it would if I air-dried... and I'm still not using direct heat on my head. But I know this isn't always an option, so air dry as long as you can.. and if you need to diffuse, try to do it as close to the end of the drying phase as possible. 

I hope these tips help you guys! Not everyone is going for that super defined look, but for me... the more tame/defined my hair is... the less trouble it gives me on my next wash day. I follow these rules every single time and they work like a charm!

See you guys in the next post/video!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Perfect Mother's Day Gift? SouFeel Jewelry!

Hey guys! So Mother's Day is around the corner and I know this may be last minute but if any of you are like me, then you probably wait until the last minute to get your mom her present (that doesn't mean you don't love her to pieces, right? lol). And ALSO if you are anything like me, you may not have the biggest budget in the world to get your mom what she probably deserves, but you still want to get her something nice.

Well, I have the cutest gift idea brought to you by SouFeel jewelry. SouFeel is an online store that specializes in unique, inexpensive jewelry pieces that range from rings, to bracelets, to earrings. 

Right now they have tons of Spring Arrivals that are cute for everyday wear, but what got my attention were the charm bracelets. The pandora style, charm bracelets are making a comeback this season. People are loving them because they allow you to express yourself, your hobbies, and individuality, while wearing a nice piece of jewelry. These aren't the Claire's charm bracelets you used to wear in middle school! lol

SouFeel also has been staying on top on the newest trend of the "mid-rings" and they have a few to choose from to give you that chic look everyone is wearing these days. 

Here are a few of the pieces I ended up getting. 

925 Sterling Silver Basic SOUFEEL Bracelet 
(This is the most simple, charm bracelet base you can get, and perfect as a stand alone bracelet in my opinion)

925 Sterling Silver Dolphin Adjustable Mid-Ring

925 Sterling Silver Studded Heart Mid-Ring
(this is my favorite ring from the ones I got. So pretty!)

925 Sterling Silver Bible Charm (attached to bracelet in this picture)

What I love about the SOUFEEL charms is that they are 100% compatible with the Pandora basic bracelets (which are more expensive than these so you can get the same look from Soufeel for cheaper). If you have Pandora charms, you can use them on the SOULFEEL bracelet, or in my case, my SOULFEEL bracelet ended up being too small for my wrist so it worked out perfectly because I could still rock my cute bible charm with my Pandora bracelet (pictured above). 

NOTE: I ordered a 17cm bracelet, which ended up fitting my wrist, but did not give me the fluidity I wanted for my bracelet so I chose to wear my 19cm Pandora bracelet (which is a tad too big). My best wrist size would be 18cm. Maybe this will help those of you who are unsure when picking a size. 

All the charms are 925 sterling silver so they are water safe. I have worked out, washed my hair, and taken daily showers (lol) all while never taking them off over the last month to put these to the test and they have held up like... well, like a charm lol 

So what are you waiting for! Go check them out over at!

SOULFEEL offers FREE SHIPPING worldwide on orders over $50 with 365 day return and exchange guarantee. You have nothing to lose! 

Tell them I sent you and use the promo code: Amber5 and you'll get an additional 5% off your order!

Special Thanks to!

They sent these items to me for my HONEST review to share with you guys! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beautiful Textures "Naturally Straight" Texture Manageability System

On April 3, 2015 I reached 2 years post big chop. I decided to celebrate by FINALLY straightening my hair and doing an "official" length check.

I had received the BT TMS in a previous Curl Kit and since I don't straighten my hair, I decided to finally see what all the hype was about and give it whirl.

What originally drew me to this product was the simplicity of it all. Literally 2 products, a shampoo and a Leave-in Conditioner and this was all you would need to make sure your hair was protected against the heat of the flat irons.

And here was my results...

I achieved this look using both my InStyler and my CHI flat irons. You can watch that video here

Neither of my hot tools had actual temperature dials (which I don't suggest... but it was all I had since I don't straighten my hair) but I ended up with a VERY light press (ie. No where near bone straight lol)

After about 6 days I decided to attempt to revert my hair... 

Now before we talk about what happened... let's talk about a few facts about the BT TMS and what it claims to do. 

The TMS claims to allow to do have straight hair for up to 6 weeks without using chemicals that permanently alter your curl pattern (ie. Like a Keratin Treatment or a Relaxer would do).

How does it do this? It uses the Interactive Leave-In Conditioner, which is activated by your flat irons (heat at low as 250 and as high as 450) to bond your amino acids with your salt bonds. In basic terms, it provides a barrier and creates less frizz, and a smoother hair cuticle. 

This is slowly wash out of your hair over the period of 6 weeks (if you use the sulfate free shampoo they have)... or you can use a clarifying shampoo if you want to completely revert sooner. 

Now that you know the basics I'll tell you what I did to revert back to my curly tresses. 

  1. Deep Conditioned on DRY, STRAIGHT HAIR
  2. Shampooed (with COLD WATER) with a clarifying shampoo 

That's it. 

So... did my hair revert?

Short answer... YES.

Long answer. Not completely, yet. 

So now you're confused, right?

Well I'll try to explain. 

Like I said, the TMS is designed to stay in your hair for up to 6 weeks and give you smoother, frizz free hair until then. So while, my hair did revert back to it's MOST of it's curly state, I still have remaining product in my hair. 

Why do you still have it in your hair if you used a clarifying shampoo?? 

Remember when I said I washed my hair with cold water? Well that's the reason. Warm water opens up the hair shaft (allowing product to get out, but also releasing moisture and adding to frizz), cold water keeps the hair shaft closed, preventing frizz and locking in moisture. Since I only wash my hair with cold water... although I used a sulfate shampoo, I still have some of the TMS in my hair. 

How can I tell? You just have to know your hair. 

I am normally a 3b hair texture... With the TMS still reacting in my hair... it's currently mimicking 3A patterns. 

Yes, the rest of the product will eventually rinse out of my hair and my hair will be back to normal. So for right now, it does not bother me at all. If anything, it was just easier to style because I didn't have to fight with frizz. 

So bottom line, would I suggest this product? Sure! 

It did what it said it would do and I didn't experience any heat damage (which is all I was really hoping for).

NOTE: This product WILL not permanently change your hair texture. The only thing that will do that is heat damage and/or actual chemicals designed to do so. Can you still get heat damage using this product? YES! You still have to be mindful of your hair texture and density when choosing a heat setting best for you. Also, if you are using this products in hopes it will give you a particular curl pattern you want I DO NOT SUGGEST IT. If you have 4b hair and you're using this hoping it will give you 3b... or 3A hair hoping it will give your 2B... this wont happen. The most it will do is reduce some frizz for a small amount of time. Please keep in mind that this product only works after being HEAT ACTIVATED. So you are always risking heat damage when doing this. You can't just use the system and not use heat to "manage your texture." This product is not a "texturizer." 

You can watch my reversion video over on my YouTube.