Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Curly Girl Method [4] : Water Soluble Silicones

Ok so you've tested out the theory of the CG Method and totally saw a difference in your hair after getting the silicones out (I've gotten MANY comments, emails, and texts from ladies who have said just this by the way).

But now you're noticing that some of your favorite conditioners contained silicones and you had to throw them away. For me, MOST of the ones I had to throw out I don't miss because the pay off from my hair was way more worth it.

But there was one product in particular in my Top Curly Girl Friendly Products that probably made you scratch your head...

That's right, my beloved Paul Mitchell The Conditioner

Why? Because if you read the ingredients of this product, as you read down the line you noticed that "Hey! She said anything that ends in -cone" is a no-no! 

And you're right... but remember when I said there were loopholes? Here's the best one. 

Although this product does contain silicones, they are WATER SOLUBLE

 Now I won't bore you with the complete breakdown of water soluble silicones because quite frankly it bores me too lol Here's the cliff notes: 

Water soluble silicones are ones that were created by scientists to be completely dissolvable in water. This means that you can safely put this conditioner in your hair and when you rinse or co-wash your hair... they will all remove. 

So this means that this IS Curly Girl Friendly!

Here's a quick cheat sheet to look for in the ingredients of conditioners that have water soluble silicones: 

  • PEG-8 (or higher) Dimethicone
  • Bis-PEG-8 (or higher) Dimethicone
  • Bis-PEG-8/PEG-8 Dimethicone
  • Bis-PEG-18 methyl ether dimethyl silane
  • PEG-8-PG-coco glucoside dimethicone
  • Dimethicone PEG-X phosphate
  • Dimethcione copolyol (this is an older and less descriptive designation, but may still be found on some labels)

A tip from me would be to try to stay away from all silicones in general (water soluble included) as much as possible, but if you have a product that you just can't get rid of because it's a staple of yours, makes your hair feel awesome and won't leave build up because it is water soluble! Hang on to it! You're still within "the rules" lol



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Friday, January 9, 2015

4 Ways To Make Your Wash And Go Last Longer

A wash and go isn't what you think of when you think of protective styles... But it can be low manipulation and more importantly low maintenance if you do it right.

You don't have to protective style to see hair growth. 

So if you prefer wearing your wash and go I'm going to give you 4 ways to make it last longer than the first day.

  1. Style Your Hair With Products That Have Hold. This means using a gel or custard that actually PROMOTES hold. (My favorite is the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel that has a hold level of 10) While there are tons of products on the market that will give you super defined curls, not all of them are going to have hold... so it will be harder to get your curls to last through the days. 
  2. Don't focus on BIG hair on Day 1. While we all want big, fluffy, picture-ready hair. Fluffing your hair too much on day one is just going to cause unnecessary frizz, tangles, and curl disruption. So your hair is little flat on day one... It'll be worth it when you're still rocking the same wash and go on Day 4 and 5 (if you want to). 
  3. Protect Your Hair At Night. You can do this by wearing a silk/satin bonnet at night, or do what I do and just grab a satin pillow case and let your hair fly free! The drier your hair gets, the harder it is to style and quite frankly the worse it looks. By protecting your hair at night you keep it moisturized and make less of a headache for you in the morning! (Bonus: Investing in a satin pillow case and letting your hair be free at night may also keep your spouse from cringing when he sees you getting ready for bed too lol Although... if he can't handle you in your satin cap... HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU! lol But it's still nice to go to bed cute (; ) 
  4. Embrace the Water! Believe it or not your hair LOVES water! You may feel like you have to do your hair all over again when all it takes it a little refreshing! A few squirts of H2O (and make a few scrunches of your favorite conditioner) and you'll look good as new! Don't be afraid to spray! Water will do nothing but make your curls come back to life!

These tips don't have to be only for a wash and go. These can be applied to any hair style if you just remember the goal is not instant gratification, but longevity! 

How often do you go between re-styling your hair? 

Be Blessed! BTL! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Curly Girl Method (3): Realistic Expectations

I hope you guys are subscribed to my YouTube and can watch for demonstrations and good methods for how I maintain the health of my hair... but I like to have a reference post for you guys to come back to... just in case my rambling is hard to cipher through lol

So moving forward with the Curly Girl Method I want to talk about what are the realistic expectations to have going into it. Because I feel like a few women are confused on what the Curly Girl Method is and how it can help... but also what it simply won't do.

So let's talk!

First thing's first...


You do not have to be a particular type of curly girl for the Curly Girl Method to be successful for you. Yes, the creator is a white woman, and the girl on the cover of the book is a white woman... but it is NOT only for "white hair". Curly hair is curly hair. Some tighter than others, but the general nature of curly hair is what is being addressed by this method. To qualify for this method the only thing your hair has to be is curly. It can be kinky curly... you do NOT have to be a "loose textured" natural to benefit from this method. 



While Lorraine does suggest you leave your curls in their natural state, this method mainly focuses on the products to use (and to avoid) and staying away from heat styling to reap maximum benefits for you hair. 

Now that we've got that out the way... let's jump right into it. 

What the Curly Girl Method WILL do for you hair (if you stick to it):

  • Help retain moisture
  • Help maximize YOUR curls
  • Help prevent breakage
  • Make styling your hair easier (over time)
  • Prevent product build up
  • Prevent the need for shampoos or clarifying your hair
  • Reduce style time

What the Curly Girl Method WILL NOT do for your hair:

  • Change your curl pattern (your hair will not become tighter or looser by doing this method)*
  • Make your hair grow*
  • Prevent the need to cleanse your hair (you will still need to co-wash)
  • Prevent your hair from EVER being dry (restoring moisture by re-wetting your hair is always good)
  • Prevent single strand knots (they are just stupid little twits that we all have to deal with)

The CG method is just a way to basically say, "Hey! I don't have straight hair. So why would I keep treating my hair like it is." So many products on the market right now are packed with ingredients that cater to STRAIGHT HAIR and we just feed into that because it makes our hair feel good at the time.

The fact is: silicones are not needed for curly hair.... AT ALL. While they absolutely serve a purpose for those who wear their hair straight by preventing frizz, blocking humidity, and serving as heat protectants... they do nothing for curly hair but block that moisture that we so desperately need!

And for me (and those who do the CG method)... it makes absolutely no sense to use silicones... then have to clarify them out... the use silicones again because you dried your hair out during the shampoo. lol

I hope this shed some light for those of you who weren't really sure what the pros and cons were! Either way... do what's best for YOUR hair! 

Be blessed! BE THE LIGHT!


*While the CG method most definitely will not loosen your curl pattern, some women will see what may seem like tighter curl patterns, simply from their hair being more moisturized. This is your TRUE curl pattern. Your hair has just been dry in the past, causing it to lack elasticity.

*While the CG method will not make your hair grow, if you can retain moisture and prevent breakage, you will be able to retain length.