Tuesday, November 17, 2015

HerGivenHair | How To Match Your Clip-ins PERFECTLY

NATURAL hair extensions are the new rave! As we begin to love and embrace our God given tresses, more and more women are steering away from the long, straight extensions, and going more for something that looks like it literally could be growing out of their head.

HerGivenHair specializes in extensions that do just that. They have 3 different textures that make it super easy to find the one that fits your hair perfectly. 

A few years back I decided I was done wit sew-ins for a number of reasons. A big reason being that I didn't like having to commit to one hair style for number of weeks, and I love my natural curls so much that I always started to miss my hair. So I was very happy to find out that not only did HerGivenHair provide natural wefted extensions, but they offered clip ins as well! 

After showing you guys how I installed my clip in extensions and how they matched my hair PERFECTLY, I got a lot of questions about how to choose the best texture for your hair, as well as some concern about choosing the wrong one. 

So I wanted to come and give you guys the solution to your problem! HAIR SAMPLES!

HerGivenHair LISTENED, and now they offer samples of ALL THREE TEXTURES for you to TRY before you BUY. 

Here's a close up of each texture, as well as a few SUGGESTIONS and facts about each texture. 

HerGivenHair: CURLY

Recommended Hair Type: 3B-3C

Facts: Type CURLY hair forms an "S" shape and stretches to almost full length when wet. 

HerGivenHair: COILY

Recommended Hair Type: 3C - 4A

Facts: Type COILY hair resembles a "spring" and can shrink up to 50% of it's full length

HerGivenHair: KINKY

Recommended Hair Type: 4B - 4C

Facts: KINKY hair resembles a "zig-zag" and can shrink 85% (or more) of it's full length

With each sample order you get ALL THREE with your purchase and I believe this is a great way to take the guess work out of something that is a major investment for most women. 

When you first receive the hair, I suggest co-washing it and allowing it to fully air dry before you make your texture determination, as the hair will soften after the first wash. 

For a direct link to the samples, you can click here, or you can visit the HerGivenHair website to take a look at their full inventory. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Product Spotlight | Naturally Vera

I know first hand how frustrating it can be when you first decide to go "Curly Girl". You want to do what's right for your hair, but it seems like almost EVERYTHING has silicones and sulfates in them. You find 2 or 3 products that work ok with your hair but nothing just wows you.

For a few months now I have been really adamant about working with and featuring Black Owned Businesses (big and small) so that we can start supporting from WITHIN, first. Which is why I was very happy when I was contacted by Naturally Vera, LLC. in regards to reviewing their line of products geared towards natural hair care.

What stands out most spectacularly about Naturally Vera is that their products are not only Curly Girl Friendly (NO silicones, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, or petroleum), but a lot of ingredients are certified organic. The creators of Naturally Vera cared so much about the integrity of the product, after it's formulation, the products were then produced in an FDA approved cosmetic laboratory. 

Naturally Vera was created by two sisters, who in their own words, faced many of their own struggles along the way of their natural hair journeys. After figuring out what works best for their hair, much research on healthy hair practices, and listening to consumers like me and you... this product line was born!

So here's how I used these products: 

I started by cleansing my hair in warm water with the Conditioning Shampoo. I massaged this product into my roots only, and then rinsed clean. What I liked about this product was that although I prefer not to use shampoos on my hair, this shampoo did not leave my hair feeling stripped or dry whatsoever, but my hair did feel clean. 

Next I applied a light coat of the Moisturizing Conditioner. I allowed this to sit in my hair for about 1-5 minutes while I shampooed the other side of my hair and repeated the process. This product has a great deal of "slip" and also has a very pleasant, fresh smell (as do all the products).

After rinsing out the conditioner, I applied the Green Tea Deep Conditioner to my damp, clean hair. I applied this product liberally in 4 sections and finger detangled to thoroughly distribute the product throughout my hair. This was hands down my favorite out of the entire product line. While this product was very rich and creamy, the amount of slip I was able to achieve with this product was unreal in comparison to it's competition. I was able to FULLY detangle my hair (outside of the shower) with this product, in less than 10 minutes. I applied a plastic cap and let the product penetrate my hair for a total of 20 minutes before I rinsed with cold water.

The last step in the product line is applying the Aloe Vera Leave-In Conditioner. Again, a great amount of slip and a pleasant smell. What I most liked about this particular product, however, was that a small amount went a long way. I find with most of my other leave-in conditioners I have to use a great deal to achieve the look and feel I want for my hair before I begin styling, but it took very little for my hair to feel moisturized and thoroughly coated with product (I also attribute this to the complete combination of all the products).

After applying the leave-in I styled as usual with my EcoStyler gel (pink) and was again very pleased when I found I had no problems with the products blending well together. I was left with no white residue or flaking, and a head full of soft, shiny, defined curls!

Overall I cannot say enough GREAT things about this product line and would definitely suggest giving these gems a try if you're still looking for staple products that are actually BENEFICIAL to your CURLY hair. 

You can find more information about these products, as well as purchase information from:

Or find them on Instagram @:

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Don't Throw It Away Just Yet! How I Made Giovanni Conditioner Work For ME

After sharing my frustration with the Giovanni Hair Care line with followers on Instagram (as well as this post), I was very surprised by how many women actually agreed with my experience! It's always refreshing to know it's not just your hair lol

Always the one to not want to waste my very hard earned money, I set out to figure out a way to make this conditioner work for me, for no other reason than to finish the huge bottle I had. Even if I had no intentions of repurchasing.

I began to think of all the problems I had with the conditioner, and then try to work backwards to figure out how to make it work.

I had two main problems with the Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Conditioner:

  1. It left my hair feeling extremely dry after my wash and go was completed
  2. It didn't mix well with ANY of my gels, it left a small white film, or even flakes on all my styles 

Well looking at it as simply as this I realized one thing. The problem was ME not the conditioner

Let's be honest, when it comes to hair products, us naturals have a real problem with following directions. 

How many times has a product said "apply a dime sized amount"... We all know what OUR dime size looks like lol 

And how many times do we use actual leave in conditioners as our leave ins? Everyone may not be as guilty of this as I am, but I can personally say out of the 5 conditioners I interchange as leave-ins, only 2 of them are actual leave in conditioners lol 

Although MOST conditioners are fine to do this, and make your hair feel fine. Let me be scientific for a minute... The chemical make up of that conditioner will never provide you all of the benefits that an actual leave in conditioner would. 

This is the same reason that you can never really "deep condition" with a rinse out conditioner. Yes, they will treat temporary and mild problems. But they are "surface conditioners", made to sit on top of the hair and not penetrate the hair follicle, so they will never really feed your hair the nutrients that your hair needs. 

This can be the same reason some of the rinse out conditioners you are trying to use as leave-ins fall short of what you are expecting them to do. They are not made to be left in. 

In this case, the Giovanni Smooth As Silk is a very light weight conditioner. It is great for slip, detangling and quick moisture. But this same light, airy makeup that makes it great for the afore mentioned things is the same reason it falls short after you step out of the shower. 

It not only is not made up of ingredients that will penetrate your follicles to give them lasting moisture and softness, but its light consistency is not thick enough to stay on your strands to function as a leave-in. 

This is probably why when you apply the conditioner under a gel, your hair feels extremely dry. Essentially, you have manipulated and styling all the conditioner off of your hair while you were applying the gel and you're basically getting the same feeling as if you had gone straight in on your hair with the gel. 

To test this experiment, I hopped in the shower and co-washed as normal. After rinsing out my co-wash, I applied the Giovanni very generously to my hair and used it as a detangler (with my fingers only) and then left it in my hair as I completed my shower (so for about an additional 10 mins). Then I rinsed with cold water (I always end all my washes with cold water before I apply my leave in to seal the cuticles). My hair literally did feel "smooth as silk". My hair felt wonderful!

I applied my normal, thicker, conditioner.. the TRESemme Perfectly UNDone and styled as usual. My hair actually felt even softer than it normally did. I absolutely love this combination! 

So what's the take away point from this post? 

Sometimes if a product is not working for you, if you don't want to waste your money, try using it EXACTLY as directed. 

So I know what you're saying, now. "What about the Leave-in? It still gave me flakes and I used it as directed." Again, all products will not work well together. If you really love the giovanni leave-in and it doesn't mix well with your eco. You're going to have to stop using it with the eco. Use the leave-in for twist outs or other styles that do not require a gel on top. Giovanni also has a number of clear gels that has all been specifically designed to work with their leave-in. And they all run about $5-6. Not expensive at all, so it may be worth a shot to pair the two together. I've gotten some of my best hair results by doing product isolation (only using one brand of products from beginning to end when styling my hair). You may find a new favorite! 

See you guys in the next video!