Thursday, March 14, 2013

Current Protective Style... Marley Twists

I know I'm not the only one who can get tired of the same old protective styles over and over... and over.

And then if you exercise 6 days a week like me, you get tired of washing (co-washing) your hair over and over... and over...

But then you don't want to look like a chicken by the head every day just to maintain a tight figure!

So while I said I would NEVER attempt this kind of style again (after my box braid set back)

I decided to give Marley Twists a try.

I liked the idea of this style for a few reasons:

  • With EVERYONE wanting to rock Senegalese twists and box braids these days, I thought this was a great change to set myself apart from what everyone else was doing (I really hate looking like, or seeming like I'm following the current trend. Don't get me wrong, I like to be "trendy", but I much prefer to stand out for doing something different). No one else around me were wearing these twists. 
  • It didn't seem like they would take as long to install as it did for me to do my braids
  • I loved the look it would let me achieve.. (kind of earthy, 90s, "Poetic Justice" with a twist lol)
So I went to my local BSS and bought Marley Hair.

Now if you're wondering what's the difference in these twists and the Havana Twists... nothing. 

The only difference is in the type of hair that you use. They are "Havana twists" when you use Havana hair. 

For me, I felt like the Havana hair was too expensive. My whole purpose in doing my own protective style (besides protecting my hair of course) is to achieve the look at the least amount of cost to me. 

Here's a picture of the hair I purchased. 

I purchased 4 packs of hair and the hair was $5.99 a pack. For $26 (with tax) that's still 1/8th of what you would be paying "The Africans" or a "professional" to them. At least in my area. 

The installation took me about 4 1/2 hours and I only ended up using 3 1/2 packs of the hair (which is a good thing because I did the twist-at-the-root method and I feel like I'm going to have to do more than a few over soon) 

As suspected I really like the look I was able to achieve.

Special Notes:

The hair is very kinky... so if you're transitioning like me and still have some straight ends, it will be kind of hard to blend that part in with the kinky hair... even when it's air dried. You may want to air dry in some kind of texture style and then do the twists... I don't know, this may help 

A few more shots: 

I also have a video on my Marley Twists on my YouTube. It is NOT  a tutorial. But you can feel free to check it out :)